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Ancient Greece Swords – The Greek Makhaira swords and Hoplites

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The word Makhaira Greek means to fight it. The Makhaira usually large knife blade that extends backward. This terminology means any type of bladed weapon, like a knife or a Sword ancient Greece. However, the Martial terminology refers to a curved sword only one alive. The Makhaira and Kopis similar, the only difference is that the emphasis of the blade. Not only one size of the shape of this sword is available.

And contrary to popular belief, this is not just a weapon to be used in Greece. Persian and Spartan teams use this weapon. Persian Archives show that the main infantry battle sword was straight, as was the Xiphos. Xenophon mentions that it was the ancient Greek Xiphos sword from the mainstream to the ancient Greek armies. He also thought that it was more efficient to Calvary Makhiara attacks.

Arming Calvary teams swords with curved blades become common doctrine over the years. Xenophon & # 39; Greek art and philosophy combined with basically says that the sword was the Calvary use was wider than the latest Sabre. It was designed more as an ancient Greek sword as the falchion. Sabre is a type of single-edged sword, which is usually, but not always, there is an edge, curved sword blade.

The Greek dialect of the New Testament or Koine refers Makhiara a general term meaning any type of sword. This term does not indicate any differentiation Greek sword blades or Gladius that Roman soldiers used. These weapons were used in most cases, the Hoplites and the Spartans. The Hoplite served the ancient Greek city-states, as a citizen and a soldier. Ancient Greek warfare was usually a variety of independent nations. The Hoplite had to resolve this dilemma.

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Cutting Out Tongues of the Spanish Inquisition

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Spain will not start the practice of torture of heretics and blasphemers of the Catholic faith, also known as the Spanish Inquisition. However, the country did participate in torture, including cutting out the use of languages ​​Tongue Tearer.

The Inquisition began in the south of France at the end of the 12th century. It was not until 1480 that the Spanish Inquisition in Spain began in earnest after Isabella I of Castile and Fernando II of Aragon, known as marriage and during their rule of the Catholic monarchs.

The Spanish Jews were the first to come under attack, Isabella & # 39; s own kingdom of Castile. The king and queen, pursuing a policy of physical unification of Spain but also in the spiritual unity policy to bring the country one faith, the Jews were forced to convert to Catholicism (conversos when it became known), executed them or exclude them from the country. By 1492, the Inquisition 8 different Castilian town. In the 16th century, the Protestants and the target in the 17th century it became the turn of the Muslims.

The friend, Tomas de Torquemada became the first Inquisitor General. Apart from the relatively tame aspirations, such as the censorship of heretical books, Spain is also involved in several well-known practice of torture in an attempt to force the heretics and blasphemers convert to the Catholic faith in a country where previously the Jews, Moors and Christians lived together in relative peace .

The Tongue Tearer was simple torture. The mouth was forced open and the tongue Tearer out to grab the tongue with pliers. The bolts are tightened, and tongue ripped out. staggered teeth Some of these devices can also shred the language.

cutting only one language was used during the Inquisition and much worse torture device was used. The Enlightenment to put an end to the Inquisition, but unfortunately, not a religious fervor in general.

Spain is still a Catholic country but other religions recognized now.

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the second coming of Jesus associated with the Third Temple and the Dome of the Rock Prophecies

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The Dome of the Rock and the prophecy of the Third Temple prophecy has to do with the second coming of Jesus Christ. Daniel said that these events are set at the time of the end. We are not at the beginning of the Church … When we're at the end. We are not the beginning of human history … we are nearing the end! Be real!

The deadline for the second coming of Jesus Christ silly, Scripture clearly says no man knows the day or the hour. Only God knows. But God has set that day. He does not know the day. He works all the time in the end is in perfect harmony with that date.

With that being said, what can we learn by looking at the second coming of Jesus two wonderful prophecies? Number one, we know that Jesus did not return, there will be a third church has been here. Jesus lives to Temple thousands of years, and the soles of'll be there forever. Ezekiel 43: 7

Second, we have a problem: no church is now!

But the number three, the Bible is the answer! The Anti-Christ (Daniel 9: 26,27) will build the Third Temple Israel.

Number Four: It's very mysterious, because the prince of the people that will come to the Muslim Mahdi, the long-awaited global ruler / leader.

Number five: The Third Temple will be completed in three and a half years. The Anti-Christ are misled into believing he is a friend of Israel. But the exact point of contact them and start the war ends, the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Number Six: Building the Third Temple will start in the year 2023

Number Seven: The Dome of the Rock is currently observing there have been It will not be there.

How do we know these facts? How can we be so sure? Because God can not lie. God & # 39; s Word is true from beginning to end. Even the cover when it says "Holy Bible". If we say that the Bible is not true it is to call God a liar. To say that God gave, but you messed up to say that God was not able to keep all generations (to his promise, Psalm 12: 7) If we say that the Bible is unreliable means that God is unreliable . Dangerous situation that the day of judgment.

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ancient Japanese culture – the Heian Aristocracy

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The ancient Japanese culture aristocrats of the Heian period (794-1191) is probably the most interesting. Many of their values, practices and habits seem to be almost opposite to what we see as obvious or "normal" in today's society. Aristocratic members of society who held the rank of imperial court. There was not enough space for social mobility Heian Japan and hereditary rank and to the emperor himself. Although only 1% of the population were aristocrats, almost all the historical literature of this period by the aristocracy, the aristocracy. Very little is known about the lifestyle of the common people during the Heian Japan.

Romance is very much alive in this period. If a man saw a woman of good taste and wanted to meet him for the first time to find out where he lives. He will be a poem about three lines of verse. smell Everything you need for perfection of the poem, including the handwriting, the paper and the type of perfume used in the letter and envelope. Depending on the season and the circumstances, the right flowers or wood fiber would be selected and attached to the letter. After judging the man & # 39; s level of sophistication and taste of the poem, you can then decide to ask the man a visit. The first meeting with the woman sitting behind a screen so that only you could see his outline, and the two talk, or exchange of poems. If both sides gave enough hints you can follow a physical connection.

The concept of beauty was very different during the Heian than now. There are many beauty rules apply to both sexes. The naked body was considered ugly, and always should be vested, often many layers of clothing. Optional equipment was critical, and even a small mistake can be a great source of embarrassment or destroy a reputation. Both sexes shape of a fat, round face puffy, powdery white skin, small eyes and considered ideal. The slim figure, dark skin was the peasant class, who worked often worked outdoors and do not get enough to eat.

Some rules were more accurate in women. White teeth are ugly by Heian aristocrats and women blackened their teeth with a sticky black paint. When a woman smiles, laugh & # 39; It had a mouth like a toothless, dark oval. Women also had to move their eyebrows as Mother Nature has apparently made a mistake. To correct the "mistake" eyebrows plucked out and then painted, usually quite thick, about 2-3 centimeters above the original position. Another feature of his long hair was popular, and women often grew her hair, so that was longer than the length of the body. Washing hair was responsible for all the servants, and can be a whole day event.

There were rules of beauty and appearance, which are specifically for men. A large amount of facial hair were unattractive, but a thin mustache and / or a small tuft of beard on his chin was ideal. The men did not have to pluck eyebrows, but idealized depictions of this period show the eyebrows high above the forehead. Aristocratic women in this period has a reputation for being feminine graphics and some hard to tell men and women apart. This is particularly evident in the depictions of children and young adults. Things have changed a lot since the time of the Heian aristocracy, but to get to know their views of the world will help to make your own contemporary values.

Source by Alton J Trevino

Suryadev – The Hindu Sun God

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In Hindu mythology, Lord Surya Suryadev or prominent figure. & # 39; Surya & # 39; means & # 39; Day & # 39; and & # 39; Dev & # 39; means & # 39; God & # 39;. Hindus are most often looking at the day when it all starts with an important task. He is the ruler Navgraha (nine planets) to rotate around the Hindu astrology. Since his son Sage Kashyap and Aditi describes as & # 39; Aharpati & # 39; which means Lord of the day, and & # 39; Jagat Chakshu & # 39; which means that the world's eye. His wife three wives Saranyu, Prabha and pitting, he is the cause of the rainfall in the world. The Lord of the Zodiac Leo loved seeing her as a man of God can be seen every day

Surya is recognized as one of the eight kinds of Lord Mahadeva, called Astamurti. All names refer to the quality of his consciousness. Sunday is the day of the ruling. An early morning prayer for him, a part of the daily ritual of Indian devotees. Surya Namaskar Yoga is an example of worship. The Surya Namaskar is a sample of yoga to the devotees performing sunrise to greet the day. Surya makes it day and night, with energy in all living things, and frees them from disease and lethargy. Among the Hindus Surya Puja is performed to appease the sun god. It is believed that one should always carry in case of Surya Puja Day in the influence of the weak or depleted in the horoscope. The gods of Hindu mythology also dampened by chanting mantras. Suryadev no such exception. & # 39; Shri Surya Mantrashakti & # 39; and it features the most powerful songs on the hhis name. Sage Agastya reciting & # 39; Aditya Hriday & # 39; Ravana, Lord Rama before his battle. & # 39; Aditya Hriday & # 39; closely related to a mantra of Lord Surya strength to defeat one of the & # 39; s enemies. In the Hindu religion, & # 39; Gayatri & # 39; Anthem is associated with the sun. Between

watching the Hindus considered a sign of sun worship. It helps the devotee gained his vision when he admits he watched the sun. Surya Namaskar is carried out in the early morning, the devotees are blessed to strengthen bones, prosperity, long life, offspring, cured diseases and good health. Surya Namaskar an improved version of the modern push-ups. Lord Surya temples all over the country. & # 39; Suryanarayana Temple & # 39; located in Tamil Nadu and commonly known as the & # 39; Suryanar-Koli & # 39;. & # 39; Konark & ​​# 39; It is also another temple of Lord Surya Buguda of the Orissa district of Ganja. The Marthand in Kashmir temple is an ancient temple dedicated to the sun god. It is believed to have been built 9th century Muslim invaders destroyed later.

In Hindu mythology, the monkey king Sugriva was the son of Surya. Lord Rama is said to be a Suryavanshi (Sun dynasty). His royal family supposedly descended from the sun. The Hindu religious symbol, Surya is regarded as one of the positive signs. It is believed that Lord Brahma symbolizes her throughout the day, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu noon evening. He pulled chariot of seven horses. Therefore, he called Saptashva (Lord of Seven horses).

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The Indian Rock Art, "Rock" over the adjective

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When looking at the sentence: "The Indian art rock," the rock "is more like an adjective," I will immediately begin to investigate why the "rock" can be a "rock art", meaning that more Indians. When thinking of the "rock" as only an adjective, I can only see that the history of art rock. The "rock" allows you to take pictures of art more clearly in my head, but this is a very limited way of viewing Indian art form. beyond

"rock" as an adjective, we find a deeper meaning. First, we must ask ourselves: "If the rock is not just a token, what else could it be?". I think that there is something important Indian rock art, because it is the surface where they can talk about and create and preserve the images. This is very important because without the rock, can not be art. This is a place where art happens. Stone may be an option.

Because the rock is essential in the business, I think it is also important to Native Americans, who produced the art. The rock is necessary to tell their stories and express themselves, and culture. Rock is a need for cultural expression. Since the function, I believe that the rock can be artistic and spiritual values. specific part of the Native Americans selected in the rock, which do art, a decision on the composition and presentation of art. So the rock that he had decided not to include artistic value of art.

The rock can be based on the intellectual value of what is being shown and the importance of the Native peoples. Many times in the history of art on the rocks serves more than purely artistic purposes. This is to tell a story or explain an important idea. I believe that many of the stories and thoughts connected to Native religion and spirituality. So related to imaging Native faith may mean that the rock is a kind of spiritual values.

Thus, in addition to acting in describing the type of art is created, the "rock" in the "art rock" also means Indian beliefs associated with a certain artistic and spiritual meaning . It can also be seen as a fundamental expression of cultural and artistic Native American culture, as well as setting or canvas art.

Source by Shirley H Lee

What happened to Catherine of Valois & # 39; Corpse?

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The queen and queen of England and Wales widow, Catherine of Valois was able to receive a suitable burial of a queen. Originally it was the old lady buried in Westminster Abbey Chapel. When the granddaughter of Henry VII came to power in 1485, which could not be changed.

Around 1503, Henry VII began the renovation of the Old Lady Chapel it is to produce the chapel to Westminster Abbey today. In order to do this, we must remove her grandmother & # 39; s body in a safe place. Catherine of Valois & # 39; corpses were Henry V & # 39; and an open casket for all to see.

When Henry VII passed in 1509, the construction industry in the Lady Chapel was incomplete. It was this year that Henry VIII came to power. Unfortunately, the plan is not the same as his father & # 39; s, which meant that the chapel has remained unfinished, and his great-grandmother & # 39; s corpse is still exposed.

It was not until the middle of the 16th century, the chapel & # 39; and construction was completed. However, if this happened, Catherine of Valois & # 39; One body had not been the original burial site. Bizarre, remained exposed for all to see for hundreds of years. Between the 16th century and the 19th century, parts of the image of his tree were stolen. As a result, one has to stay at Westminster Abbey today looks poorly kept.

one of the birthday of the 17th century, late diarist Samuel Pepys visited corpse & # 39; s. He took the opportunity to hold in his arms and kiss her, before recording an event log entry. If we consider that Pepys lived through some of London & # 39; s worst plague, it is extremely strange that he decided to go lip-to-lip with a corpse was a hundred years old. Of course, Catherine embalmed, but it still seems to be a rather creepy action Pepys & # 39; part.

It was not until Queen Victoria & # 39; and the reign of the 19th century, Catherine of Valois & # 39; body was laid to rest Westminster Abbey. By that time, hundreds of onlookers can descend on her body to pay homage or simply touch Pepys did.

Over the years, people have speculated as to why Henry VII decided to leave his grandmother & # 39; s dead body off the ground. Some believe that he wanted to conceal the origin shakey, which is a descendant of Catherine and Owen Tudor. However, if you wanted to do, he put him out of sight, not beside Henry V

Fortunately corpse is now a more fitting resting place. The year was uncovered, he acted as a source of fascination for many people.

Source by LJ Mckeever

A look Shinto spiritual practices Anime

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The most textbooks, scientific explanation, Shinto defines the spiritual practices of the Japanese people outside of Buddhism, Daoism, and Confucianism. However, this does not arrive at the conscious title until the arrival of those of other faiths. Shinto is a religion that also has been adapted to many Buddhist philosophy in the process of religious syncretism.

Shinto gods, nature spirits are sometimes identified, known as Kami. Custom shrines dedicated to various Kami, and identified ritually clean place. This ritual purity mentioned above arises from the nature of the community to the Shrine shares. Shinto shrines are usually marked the entrance of a shrine gate, called Torii Japanese. This gate marks the passage of unclean secular world of pure holiness. Almost all the manga and anime series focusing on life in Japan, Bleach from Lucky Star, or see a shrine or a festival that takes place in one.

As mentioned earlier, the syncretism between Buddhism Shinto has few believers. In Tite Kubo & # 39; s Bleach, you can see elements of the two religions. The concept of reincarnation of the soul is a philosophy derived from Buddhism, which in turn borrowed Hinduism, Buddhism when it first arose in India. Many of the principles of wandering souls, however, a Shinto philosophy. Studies have also found some believers, the symbol of the Daruma, or small red Buddhist statutes provided. It is reported within one of these items in the Kurosaki household. Of course, other members of the faithful, this level of syncretism does not occur.


traditional Shinto protection systems that indicate the Shinto philosophy and faith alone Ofuda quite common. These mascots protection for the household. However, to the individual, the Shinto priest may protect one of an Omamori or personal amulet of protection. Omikuji usually cast Shinto ritual. These sheets of paper around which the individual brings luck. One says, and wraps around a tree. The spirit of the tree make it come true, if it is positive, and ward off if it is negative.

One last point, Shinto incredible system of personal honor that entails. To speak to one person, a variety of uses including honorifics -San, -sempai, -sensei ex Cetra. Similarly, Shinto has long advocated the need for the protection of others, and a willingness to sacrifice personal. Regardless of whether or Kamba Shimada Okamoto Katsuhiro Samurai 7, Ichigo Kurosaki in Bleach or anime and manga has long served as an extension of this belief.

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The importance of family that an average Russian

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The & # 39; s nothing better than a Russian nesting doll to describe the compact family. They are ideal nesting dolls representing peasant woman with her big bunch of kids. Russian families are large, an average family of about 4-5 children. Family is very important to a Russian.

And the family in Russia does not include the father, mother and children. This all inclusive; uncles, aunts, uncles and great aunts, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. All are dependent on and connected to one another. This is probably due to the fact that the years of communism, where you get things done; It should & # 39; Connect & # 39; in the right place. We can not be obtained, which is a straight road, can be done using a given connection.

Furthermore, during the Communist regime, the Russians were not allowed to own apartment. They were given free of charge to the government in exchange for some social work. They are, however, a number of large and not based on the people in the family. A small room for private life, had to rely on each other a lot of things. This can be attributed to the strong bonds between the family.

Ideally, the patriarch of the family head, but it & # 39; and women who are the silent heroes. They work in the fields all day, come home to cook for the family and make sure that the house is well maintained. In fact, I once read somewhere that if you have only one cow, the Russian peasant women can pull the yoke, the cow tied to the other end. The man simply plow it. The convoy was held up matriarch of the family.

Even the feasts, the women of the house worked hard to prepare the meals; what men did not enjoy the holiday, and get high vodka. It & # 39; and is generally believed that heavier women worked in the kitchen, the food would be better. Even the hard work, they do not appreciate your sons take precedence.

And because the male head of the family, women are taught very early on in their lives their observance and respect of authority.

Russians early marriages; especially when studying in the universities. In fact, in the old days, women were known to marry and give birth to children when they are only 15!

This trend is changing, and many women now prefer to secure the life before thinking about marriage. Many of these women are really changing attitudes, and they are in the same position as men.

Source by Irina Hinderliter

Fall Out After the murder of Lord Lucan & # 39; Nanny's

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planned the murder When the Lord Lucan's wife Veronica, she could have had no idea of ​​the huge amount of fall-out. At that time, in 1974 Lucan probably thought that was the only loser in the whole affair, is estranged wife Veronica, whose body he wanted to end up dumped in the canal.

But as it turned out, the events of that night was a fairly disastrous impact on many people. For a start, Lucan killed the wrong woman: it was a child & # 39; s nanny, Sandra Rivett 29-year-old who was beaten to death by mistake.

This blunder came to cast such a shadow over the extraordinary life of Lucan & # 39; s family and friends. For the poor wife Veronica, she now has three children and moved away. His son, George knew that if I wanted the title and became the eighth Earl of Lucan. But the truth is that Lord Lucan turned to address a standing joke, and George is unlikely to ever be used. Can you imagine what would happen if George was going down to book a restaurant table as Lord Lucan? It would be even worse if he were pulling the police.

But in addition to the family, Lucan & # 39; s murder was the direct cause of the suicide, a friend of Dominic Elwes. This sparked one of the longest libel actions in British history. And incredibly, it's also led to the arrest of Britain & # 39; and one-time Postmaster General. This last arrest, which is so completely bizarre that it is almost laughable.

in the autumn of 1974 a Labour MP, John Stonehouse, has been drowned in the sea off Miami. It was to Stonehouse & # 39; It s unfortunate that a few weeks later, Lucan had murdered Sandra Rivett. The whole world is in the lookout for a British aristocrat term. Not long after, Australia, teller spots fairly shy in English. The Englishman looks rich and very nervous; He wants to make up the large sum of money.

called the police immediately. A few minutes later, the British high in detention – only investigators to discover that the & # 39; ve caught with Lord Lucan, but the unfortunate British MP John Stonehouse, who & # 39; d faked his own death to set up home in Australia with his secretary. It is very irritating to the Stone House: he was arrested and dragged back to jail in Britain only because it bore a passing resemblance to Lord Lucan.

Source by William Coles