A breathtaking history and symbolic use of Akua The Doll Asantes

The Akua baby is a very special baby cherished among Ghanaian communities especially the Asantes. The doll has earned the name of a Akua Asante & # 39; and the so-called Akua woman who was barren, and there is a great need for a child. Because of her infertility, she is branded as a witch's neighbors accused the & # 39; Eating & # 39; (Death) for every child in the womb. In desperation, she consulted a local soothsayer for a child. The prophet after consultations with the ancestors some kind of ritual Akua asked to commission a Carver carve out the baby with the likeness of the child she dreams of having. He described vividly all the features she admires and wants to see Asante concept of beauty in her children's future reflecting. Some rituals were performed and where the baby Akua. The story continues that Akua kept implemented and treated wood doll as if human. Soon she became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, as a baby. Henceforth, all barren women were asked to move to a similar & # 39; Akua & # 39; (The name of infertile women) & # 39; B & # 39; (Children's) baby. This explains why the baby is not called Akua baby till date.

However, the baby after returning from the shrine, an offering safe delivery of the child. If the child passes on the ground dead, the baby will take the mother as a memorial to the children.

It is also worth knowing that features a baby symbolic meaning. For example, the roof of the baby's head or exaggerated symbolizes the seat of wisdom. The flat forehead Asante is a beauty ideal. The whole body is oval and circles, which are symbols of beauty in the Ghanaian community. The neck should be in the ringed odd way, a symbol of beauty and wealth. The textured signs or & # 39; Scars & # 39; appear on the face, especially the forehead is medical and psychological protection cramps and evil forces.

The Akua doll carved from hardwood called & # 39; Sese & # 39;. The baby was carved with a mixture of soot-blackened cooking pots based on raw eggs and egg whites.

As already indicated, the baby is mainly used for fertility doll spend infertile women fertility powers. The baby also different functions. For example, the baby used to charm the lookout for missing children. In the past, it was believed that the dwarfs stole the children. Therefore, to get them back to the baby to an exact replica of the missing child carved and placed at the entrance of the forest. The dwarves had been erroneously pick up the baby and let go of the child in their possession.

among certain ethnic societies like the Anlos South Volta region, wooden puppet carved and placed in the coffin of the dead twin to prevent the soul is he living twins . Akua the baby is also used to decorate the interiors and offices.

Source by Dickson Adom

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