Jewelry and canoe symbols: reveal the philosophical concepts and values ​​of the Ghanaian Community

Jewellery plays a significant role in the Ghanaian community. They are not only an aesthetic element to enhance the individual's personal adornment, but also symbolic meaning to unveil the philosophical values, concepts and standards adopted by living in Ghana. Furthermore, canoes, mainly on fishing activities, particularly in the coastal regions of Ghana especially the Fantes in Takoradi, Elmina in the Central Region of Ghana and Mankessim a symbol carved wooden boats. These symbols give a deep insight into the expected codes of conduct adopted by residents in Ghana. Others serve as an inspiring message of fishermen are engaged in fishing activities.

Symbols Jewelry

The patterns or symbols on jewelry, such as necklaces, rings, wristlets, anklets, bracelets, etc. are sometimes symbolic meaning. Such symbolic objects and animals peered below.

1. The Mud Fish usual place of mud fish in the water. Therefore, if you manage to catch one and it has thereby become the only fish in the mud properties. Because of the mud fish symbolizes the full ownership. If the mud fish is a & # 39; s possession, this is the choice of the owner or fry or bake. The fish do not know anything about the choice of the owner, but only to accept it in good faith. The mud fish, in this case symbolizes the need to adapt itself to different situations.

2. Dove- This white bird depicted on the eve of Jesus & # 39; Baptism in the Jordan River. This is a very peaceful animals. This symbol indicates the presence of the Spirit of God, and so you hope to be successful with a & # 39; s endeavor. Therefore, the dove symbol of peace and hope. This explains why the funeral ceremony of the late former President of Ghana, Professor Evans Atta Mills FIIF, pigeons were flying across the sky, because he is recognized as one & # 39; Asomdwoe HeNe & # 39; (King of Peace).

Canoe symbols

These symbols are often found in canoes carved and painted. The canoe symbols proverbial meaning. Most words of advice and caution to fishermen. Some of the Shroud of philosophies, beliefs, social values ​​and concepts of society. Examples canoe symbols and their meanings are discussed below.

The first snake and Fish These two animals are always associated with the stem of the canoe. Sometimes, the design represents the serpent-looking fish called the & # 39; Dane woakyi Kofa & # 39;. It literally means & # 39; turn around and pick & # 39;. The serpent said to wait for food and fish food, which can come from any direction. The snake is always ready to pounce, and catch the fish in all directions. The design symbolizes cunning and clever ways to fishermen. It also depicts that they are ready to work at any time.

The second anchor is the means by which canoes also swept away by the river or waves of the sea or the river in line. The anchor is therefore a symbol of stability.

3. Crab- Cancer can represent yourself or a bird. This symbolizes the fact that cancer is not born a bird, but it is always born so its kind of cancer. This shows that the behavior of children reflect the parent & # 39; s behavior and lifestyle.

4. The Seagull bird This bird usually shows up in a particular spot, the river or the sea where the fish are present. A seagull bird, it directs fishermen to productive fishing grounds. Therefore, a symbol of hope.

5. The arrow- This is a symbol attached to both ends of an arrow arrowhead and a cable wound loosely around the stem. This is called Akosaasan, meaning & # 39; go into battle and winning back & # 39;. It is a symbol of protection and security.

6. The Star- The star serves as a guide to the fishermen when they get lost in the sea at night. This light from the stars, to help them find their way home. The star is therefore a symbol of hope.

7. The heart is a very important organ of the body. It gives life, and & # 39; and very tasty. Anything connected to the heart and the patient should be treated with the utmost care. So the heart is a symbol of patience and tolerance.

8. Elephant- This is the biggest animal in the forest. It symbolizes greatness and royalties. It is intended that the size of a fishing group that the image of the animal carved and painted canoes.

traditions and culture of Ghana is a country. Therefore, each item is designed patterns that transcend beyond the visual outlook, however, educate the people in the culture of the people. Thus, jewelry wearers and users of the canoes have to step in themselves to symbolic knowledge of these symbols.

Source by Dickson Adom

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