The importance of family that an average Russian

The & # 39; s nothing better than a Russian nesting doll to describe the compact family. They are ideal nesting dolls representing peasant woman with her big bunch of kids. Russian families are large, an average family of about 4-5 children. Family is very important to a Russian.

And the family in Russia does not include the father, mother and children. This all inclusive; uncles, aunts, uncles and great aunts, grandparents, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc. All are dependent on and connected to one another. This is probably due to the fact that the years of communism, where you get things done; It should & # 39; Connect & # 39; in the right place. We can not be obtained, which is a straight road, can be done using a given connection.

Furthermore, during the Communist regime, the Russians were not allowed to own apartment. They were given free of charge to the government in exchange for some social work. They are, however, a number of large and not based on the people in the family. A small room for private life, had to rely on each other a lot of things. This can be attributed to the strong bonds between the family.

Ideally, the patriarch of the family head, but it & # 39; and women who are the silent heroes. They work in the fields all day, come home to cook for the family and make sure that the house is well maintained. In fact, I once read somewhere that if you have only one cow, the Russian peasant women can pull the yoke, the cow tied to the other end. The man simply plow it. The convoy was held up matriarch of the family.

Even the feasts, the women of the house worked hard to prepare the meals; what men did not enjoy the holiday, and get high vodka. It & # 39; and is generally believed that heavier women worked in the kitchen, the food would be better. Even the hard work, they do not appreciate your sons take precedence.

And because the male head of the family, women are taught very early on in their lives their observance and respect of authority.

Russians early marriages; especially when studying in the universities. In fact, in the old days, women were known to marry and give birth to children when they are only 15!

This trend is changing, and many women now prefer to secure the life before thinking about marriage. Many of these women are really changing attitudes, and they are in the same position as men.

Source by Irina Hinderliter

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