Suryadev – The Hindu Sun God

In Hindu mythology, Lord Surya Suryadev or prominent figure. & # 39; Surya & # 39; means & # 39; Day & # 39; and & # 39; Dev & # 39; means & # 39; God & # 39;. Hindus are most often looking at the day when it all starts with an important task. He is the ruler Navgraha (nine planets) to rotate around the Hindu astrology. Since his son Sage Kashyap and Aditi describes as & # 39; Aharpati & # 39; which means Lord of the day, and & # 39; Jagat Chakshu & # 39; which means that the world's eye. His wife three wives Saranyu, Prabha and pitting, he is the cause of the rainfall in the world. The Lord of the Zodiac Leo loved seeing her as a man of God can be seen every day

Surya is recognized as one of the eight kinds of Lord Mahadeva, called Astamurti. All names refer to the quality of his consciousness. Sunday is the day of the ruling. An early morning prayer for him, a part of the daily ritual of Indian devotees. Surya Namaskar Yoga is an example of worship. The Surya Namaskar is a sample of yoga to the devotees performing sunrise to greet the day. Surya makes it day and night, with energy in all living things, and frees them from disease and lethargy. Among the Hindus Surya Puja is performed to appease the sun god. It is believed that one should always carry in case of Surya Puja Day in the influence of the weak or depleted in the horoscope. The gods of Hindu mythology also dampened by chanting mantras. Suryadev no such exception. & # 39; Shri Surya Mantrashakti & # 39; and it features the most powerful songs on the hhis name. Sage Agastya reciting & # 39; Aditya Hriday & # 39; Ravana, Lord Rama before his battle. & # 39; Aditya Hriday & # 39; closely related to a mantra of Lord Surya strength to defeat one of the & # 39; s enemies. In the Hindu religion, & # 39; Gayatri & # 39; Anthem is associated with the sun. Between

watching the Hindus considered a sign of sun worship. It helps the devotee gained his vision when he admits he watched the sun. Surya Namaskar is carried out in the early morning, the devotees are blessed to strengthen bones, prosperity, long life, offspring, cured diseases and good health. Surya Namaskar an improved version of the modern push-ups. Lord Surya temples all over the country. & # 39; Suryanarayana Temple & # 39; located in Tamil Nadu and commonly known as the & # 39; Suryanar-Koli & # 39;. & # 39; Konark & ​​# 39; It is also another temple of Lord Surya Buguda of the Orissa district of Ganja. The Marthand in Kashmir temple is an ancient temple dedicated to the sun god. It is believed to have been built 9th century Muslim invaders destroyed later.

In Hindu mythology, the monkey king Sugriva was the son of Surya. Lord Rama is said to be a Suryavanshi (Sun dynasty). His royal family supposedly descended from the sun. The Hindu religious symbol, Surya is regarded as one of the positive signs. It is believed that Lord Brahma symbolizes her throughout the day, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu noon evening. He pulled chariot of seven horses. Therefore, he called Saptashva (Lord of Seven horses).

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