the second coming of Jesus associated with the Third Temple and the Dome of the Rock Prophecies

The Dome of the Rock and the prophecy of the Third Temple prophecy has to do with the second coming of Jesus Christ. Daniel said that these events are set at the time of the end. We are not at the beginning of the Church … When we're at the end. We are not the beginning of human history … we are nearing the end! Be real!

The deadline for the second coming of Jesus Christ silly, Scripture clearly says no man knows the day or the hour. Only God knows. But God has set that day. He does not know the day. He works all the time in the end is in perfect harmony with that date.

With that being said, what can we learn by looking at the second coming of Jesus two wonderful prophecies? Number one, we know that Jesus did not return, there will be a third church has been here. Jesus lives to Temple thousands of years, and the soles of'll be there forever. Ezekiel 43: 7

Second, we have a problem: no church is now!

But the number three, the Bible is the answer! The Anti-Christ (Daniel 9: 26,27) will build the Third Temple Israel.

Number Four: It's very mysterious, because the prince of the people that will come to the Muslim Mahdi, the long-awaited global ruler / leader.

Number five: The Third Temple will be completed in three and a half years. The Anti-Christ are misled into believing he is a friend of Israel. But the exact point of contact them and start the war ends, the second coming of Jesus Christ.

Number Six: Building the Third Temple will start in the year 2023

Number Seven: The Dome of the Rock is currently observing there have been It will not be there.

How do we know these facts? How can we be so sure? Because God can not lie. God & # 39; s Word is true from beginning to end. Even the cover when it says "Holy Bible". If we say that the Bible is not true it is to call God a liar. To say that God gave, but you messed up to say that God was not able to keep all generations (to his promise, Psalm 12: 7) If we say that the Bible is unreliable means that God is unreliable . Dangerous situation that the day of judgment.

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