Ancient Greece Swords – The Greek Makhaira swords and Hoplites

The word Makhaira Greek means to fight it. The Makhaira usually large knife blade that extends backward. This terminology means any type of bladed weapon, like a knife or a Sword ancient Greece. However, the Martial terminology refers to a curved sword only one alive. The Makhaira and Kopis similar, the only difference is that the emphasis of the blade. Not only one size of the shape of this sword is available.

And contrary to popular belief, this is not just a weapon to be used in Greece. Persian and Spartan teams use this weapon. Persian Archives show that the main infantry battle sword was straight, as was the Xiphos. Xenophon mentions that it was the ancient Greek Xiphos sword from the mainstream to the ancient Greek armies. He also thought that it was more efficient to Calvary Makhiara attacks.

Arming Calvary teams swords with curved blades become common doctrine over the years. Xenophon & # 39; Greek art and philosophy combined with basically says that the sword was the Calvary use was wider than the latest Sabre. It was designed more as an ancient Greek sword as the falchion. Sabre is a type of single-edged sword, which is usually, but not always, there is an edge, curved sword blade.

The Greek dialect of the New Testament or Koine refers Makhiara a general term meaning any type of sword. This term does not indicate any differentiation Greek sword blades or Gladius that Roman soldiers used. These weapons were used in most cases, the Hoplites and the Spartans. The Hoplite served the ancient Greek city-states, as a citizen and a soldier. Ancient Greek warfare was usually a variety of independent nations. The Hoplite had to resolve this dilemma.

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