De Young Museum – Artwork highlights and tips for visiting

The MH de Young Memorial Museum in San Francisco, California houses one of the largest collection of American works on the West Coast. The museum is located in San Francisco & # 39; s Golden Gate Park and opened in 1895, the newspaper icon MH de Young, the founder of what is now known as the San Francisco Chronicle. The original Museum collection created exclusively for MH de Young & # 39; s personal collection of artwork that represents more than 300,000 articles collected over 20 years of world travel.

The Museum & # 39; s permanent collection now in the paintings, sketches, art, sculpture, photographs and works of art. E, De Young displays 25,000 works of art at any given time. The majority of the collection consists of works of American art collection dates back to the 7th century to the present day. Highlights of the collection include Wayne Thiebaud & # 39; and three machines, Frederic Edwin Church & # 39; s rainy season in the tropics, Grant Wood & # 39; Dinner and threshers, George Bingham & # 39; Missouri and sailors and Chiu Obata & # 39; s Lake Basin in the High Sierra.

The de Young & # 39; s permanent collection includes Art of Africa, which represents the work of more than 80 cultural groups in sub-Sahara Africa and ethnicity. Most of the collection is the permanent collection of the museum and covers a quarter & # 39; s gallery. Among this collection used a wooden sculpture Dogon religious ceremonies and a multi-headed bush spirit Ijo.

The third part of the Museum & # 39; s permanent collection of the Art of Oceana. The highlight of the exhibition is the Jolika Oceana Collection of New Guinea Art, a special exhibition of more than 400 tribal artifacts like tribal masks and ritual objects. The Jolika collection is the largest collection of New Guinea art in North America, and more than 400 pieces of art alone.

  • Hours: daily: 930A-515p; Closed Monday.
  • Audio guides are available at the main entrance. Cost: $ 7
  • De Young Memorial Museum free guided tours for all visitors. No reservations are required. Ask the Museum of timing.
  • If you are visiting San Francisco for a few days, consider the CITY PASS card. This will give you discounted entry to tourist attractions and Cable Car. Check the website for details.
  • The first Tuesday of each month admission is free.
  • The ticket contains the de Young day general admission to the Medal of Honor.

Source by Brian A. Goodwin

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