What Made Native American peoples vulnerable to European conquest of adventurers?

What happens to European adventurers Indian peoples vulnerable to conquest?

There were a few features that made the Indians & # 39; European adventurers and vulnerable to conquest. First of all, the people themselves are ill-prepared for the European conquerors. Their number decreases rapidly as a result of starvation, forced labor, epidemics involving contact with European diseases and wars.

were accustomed to the economic, political and military aspects of Europeans. It lacked organization and political unity to resist the invading peoples. The different tribes often in conflict with one another and as they went about their daily lives with each other to compete for land and food. As an example, over the years the Aztecs accumulated many enemies in his own particular tribe. This is due to the competitive territorial rights conflict, the acquisition and exercise will help in the hole or foe, religious sacrifice. Cortés exploits the properties, forming alliances with opposing tribes. In contrast to the lack of unity were the Aztecs by the Spanish explorers highly unified society.

The Native Americans had the skills necessary to work with copper, but did not develop that are necessary to smell the iron so you do not have enough technology after the war with the invaders. When the Europeans arrived in the New World were welcomed by the Native Americans. The Indians considered the visitors to their beautiful warrior dress, beard, and these ships, but rather the technology they brought with them. The indigenous population was amazed with this technology than steel knives and swords, the bearded rifle which is a kind of jaw loader, the cannon, copper and brass kettles, mirrors, shells bells and earrings which used to trade goods and other items that are they were unusual in their way of life. It was legitimate, because the natives were not able to create these Europeans used by the wondrous inventions. Unfortunately for European visitors used their weapons of war causes a large amount of damage to the natives.

did not take long, serious problems began to emerge. When Europeans arrived in North America were 7,000,000 Indians. Most lived in hunter-gather communities or rural type. The biggest problem encountered was the Native Americans that no immunity to European diseases. That's not immune to these diseases in the European community felt the Indian tribes. Smallpox in the common threats are often contracted by the Indians to the European people.

The Native Americans will soon do not like the Europeans and their faith. Often he looked at the white man as despicable and stingy their wealth. This is something that the Indians had not previously encountered. The things he freely shared social order. The explorers considered that the insatiable desire of furs and hides. They are particularly fond of the European & # 39; and intolerance of religious beliefs, eating habits, sexual and marital arrangements and other aspects of their habits.

The Indians were used to being in tune with the spirit of nature, but the Europeans natural obstacles in their way. He looked at the gifts of nature as an endless supply of resources such as the forest a lot of wood, a beaver colony has unlimited furs and buffalo robes lot. The explorers have Indian & # 39; s resources deemed mature or religious conversion as a free labor.

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