Basic Misconceptions slavery

There are several fallacies in the Atlantic slave trade, but the worst misconception that Africans sold their own people into slavery. This statement means that parents are their children into slavery; They sold their wives, husbands, brothers and even parents are willing to sell to the white slave. It is a misconception to maintain the myth that Africans and African descendants is nothing more than a game, who sold his own flesh and blood a few trinkets.

This was based on a myth to justify the enslavement of millions of people in order to do freehand work and promote the superiority of the white race. The main train of thought was: How do you feel sorry for a race of people who sell their own people? Africans were clearly worse and deserves to be enslaved.

Despite the racial hegemony, which is due to the Atlantic slave trade, the biggest paradox is that some of it was true: there were Africans to other Africans sold into slavery. However, the Africans that had been mad kings or chieftains are generally captured and sold to prisoners in other African countries. They never sold their relatives into slavery. Also, people in Africa do not see themselves in Africa, unlike the people in America who feel that Americans, regardless of what state they live. Africa's different cultures and one of the only loyalty was to a & # 39; s own culture. Those who live in Ghana to feel any kinship with some living in Mali. To their thinking, the sales person of another tribe was not a bad thing. This is especially true if the various strains of war.

The Atlantic slave trade grew when many African countries were each other utensils. POWs can easily be sold to slave traders in exchange for weapons and other goods which do not have any idea how brutally enslaved Africans were treated the ship and later in America.

Furthermore, the concept of slavery of Africans was completely different to that of the Europeans. Slavery existed in Africa before centuries of the Atlantic slave trade, but this was a different kind of slavery. Africa, the slave usually had to rights under the law, and the ability to move up socially. Slaves were treated like owners, and allow legal marriages and their children are not born by the members of the family slaves. Some slaves were also allowed to earn money and eventually buy their freedom from the owners. This was not the case captured the Atlantic slave trade in slaves.

Despite the fact that there were some Africans who sold other Africans into slavery, it is not justified by the fact that millions of people snatched from their homelands and sold bondage money from the status quo. Africans in Africa and their descendants in America suffered the total loss of lies, heritage and human possibilities. The bulk of Africans sold into slavery in the Atlantic slave trade was a young adult men and women, as well as the loss of these young people has weakened Africa & # 39; s economic, social and political progress. That is why it was so easy for Europe to Africa's natural resources tape.

The ultimate degradation and humiliation of slaves who came to America from the Atlantic Passage treated as property and sold like cattle. Even the most despicable slaves in Africa has more rights than slaves in America.

Source by Kathy Henry

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