Durga Puja – Nothing Short of a Bienalle?

If you & # 39; Pandal hopping never been to Kolkata, you've never seen this side of the city of Joy. As Durga Puja arrives, the city gears up to a whole new level of excitement to the colored lights and prepare the ground for the most sought after festival in the city. The brightly lit alleys to the sound of the gong Dhaka and peeling through the night, and mouth-watering delicacies available in almost every street corner, raised the bar of excellence year after year only.

So deep is the love of the festival of nations & # 39; hearts that no matter how long the lines in front of the largest in the pandals or how crowded streets, they patiently in their heavy silk sarees or sharp batik shirts to catch a glimpse of the beloved goddess.

Every year, the puja organizers are trying to attract visitors to the biggest innovation puja pandals built. There are specific themes and artistic performances and sculptures that not only aims to typical, but a message. everyday problems involving human subjects relevant to current affairs, Pandal hopping is not just a matter of fun, but also so as to realize the kind of ideology that prevails in our society.

Every year the artists are coming up with various themes to delight visitors, which includes planning and months of tedious amount of hard work. There is a level of friendly competition on the Kolkata Puja organizers of this year's celebration of the Goddess was decorated with scenery bamboos, characters of Satyajit Ray & # 39; s books come to life, birds, animals and light to express the theme of Holi in the autumn to prepare the pandals Pagoda and Dhaka-Kolkata Express Train – there is something for all art enthusiasts!

However, there is one problem: It is impossible to visit all Pandal in the city in the span of a week. And that & # 39; s damage than any Pandal an installation par excellence. Knowledge of the concepts, sophistication and level of detailing is nothing short of an annual exhibition will bring a global audience.

If only the government had its futuristic outlook and curator of the annual Durga Puja Festival arts festival drawing an audience around the world! After all, we can not make it a point to attend the Venice or London Art / Design Weeks, if you happen to be around the city, then?

Source by Praneeta Kumar Shringi

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